Learn how to integrate Amity Chat, Social and Video across multiple platforms with our docs
Amity Chat SDK is an easy-to-integrate solution that enables high-performing chat services on your app. From one-on-one to large-scale group messaging, power them with Amity Chat SDK, built with messaging service APIs to ignite connections and open discussions.
Our Chat SDK allows users to join channels and send messages, instantly. The messages will be synced up to all users within the same chat channel in real-time. The messages sent through the system can be moderated pre-delivery via an automated custom spam and keyword filter, allowing you to moderate all messages sent manually via the admin panel.
Amity Chat SDK allows you to:
    Start a new conversation channel with up to 300,000 concurrent participants
    Deliver up to 1 million messages per second for each conversation channel
    View read counts for every message
    Moderate conversations with user banning, muting, and rate limiting
    Assign moderators and admins via a role-based permission system
    Filter out inappropriate content with automated spam filtering and URL whitelists
    Manage connection state and handle offline data automatically
    Support multi-device and multi-platform for every user
Get in-app communities up and running using Amity Social SDK. Enable plug-and-play social features using supercharged social APIs and see preference-based groups thrive within your platform.
Let users create engaging content and engage with others through comments and reactions. Users can follow other users or topics and become members of various groups to get a personalized timeline of content. Activity feeds are also a great feature to directly engage with users. You can communicate with your users directly by posting important messages as announcements.
Amity Social SDK allows you to:
    Connect users through formation of communities
    Boost user engagement by user-generated posts/comments in communities
    Personalize the feed based on user’s membership to different groups and communities
    React to user-generated content with our reaction tools
    Enable comments on posts within your application, seamlessly
    Support multiple messaging formats when posting content
    Manage & moderate communities and users in admin panel
    Filter out content that includes profanity using our auto-block tools
    Assign roles and permissions on a role-based system
The Amity Video SDK, powered by video APIs, elevates your application's user experience by adding interactive features such as in-app Stories and Live Streaming. Engage your users with captivating, memorable virtual events to participate in along with other viewers from around the world.
Amity video SDK allows you to:
    Implement and enable professional low-latency live streaming capabilities
    Provision a playback video when streaming ends
    Support high volume concurrent viewers simultaneously
    Receive notifications when a live stream has started
    Manage and run multiple live streams in parallel
    Manage & moderate live streams via our admin panel
    Work across platforms, with SDK's available for both Android and iOS devices
A conversational bot can engage customers' every activity by managing customer support, marketing campaigns, and more. Through the Amity Bots AI chatbot application, you can create automated bots and run them on the Amity Social Cloud and other popular social networks.
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