Admin can modify various settings for the SDK from this panel. Admin can also see their SDK API and Webhook keys from this panel.‌

Webhook Settings

If the Admin wishes to set up their own webhooks, they can do so by adding a URL to the Webhook section. This will generate a secretKey for that URL webhook. Admin will also be able to delete and previous webhook URLs.‌

For more information, please have a look at our documentation on ​Real-Time Events

Push Notifications

If the Admin wishes to set up push notifications for their SDK; they may do so by uploading a PNS certificate*. Once a push notification is active, Admin can set what events are push notifiable.

*Note: If client has not enabled Push Notifications with Amity before. Please contact us first so that we can set up the preliminary certificate credentials.

Push Notification Certificates

Admin can see what certificates are currently active for their Push Notifications. More than one certificate can be uploaded for one platform (i.e. You can have a staging and a production certificate for iOS), however, only one certificate may be active at a time per platform and/or provider.‌

Admin can upload new certificates:‌

List of Certificate Requirements



Certificate Name

Set the name of the certificate (for Admin tracking purpose)


Set which platform the certificate is for

Provider (Android Only)

Choose which provider the certificate is for

API Key (Android Only)

Firebase - Server Key , Baidu - API Key & Secret Key

Upload p12 (iOS Only)

Upload the p12 certificate file

Credential Password (iOS Only)

Add the password for the p12 file

Push Notification Custom Message

For more information, please have a look at our documentation on:‌

  • IOS Push Notifications

  • Android Push Notifications

Admin API Access Token

If you want to make request to Amity Social Cloud APIs as an admin, you will need an access token. You can get the Access token from the Admin Users Management section in console.

You must be logged in as an admin to generate an Admin Access token.

The root/super-admin account cannot generate an Admin Access token because you will not be able to see a Settings button if you are logged in using that account.

Once logged in as an admin, you can generate the access token with these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Admin Users.

You can see the validity period of the Admin token under the token in red. However, it will be invalidated if the admin user is deleted.

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