We communicate through two majors channels:
In general, things we find useful when reviewing suggestions are:
  • A description of the problem you're trying to solve
  • An overview of the suggested solution
  • Examples of how the suggestion would work in various places
    • Code examples showing e.g. "this would be an error, this wouldn't"
  • If relevant, anything useful for establishing context and expected behavior

Searching for duplicates

Some search tips:
  • Don't restrict your search to only open issues. An issue with a title similar to yours may have been closed as a duplicate of one with a less-findable title.
  • Check for synonyms. For example, if your bug involves a member, it maybe filed or described with "user".
  • Search for the title of the issue you're about to log. This sounds obvious but 80% of the time this is sufficient to find a duplicate when one exists.
  • Read more than the first page of results. Many bugs here use the same words so relevancy sorting is not particularly strong.
  • If you have a crash, search for the first few topmost function names shown in the call stack

Did you find a bug?

If you have a question, please use our community, file an issue on the relevant Github repository (if available) or contact our support directly.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question, please use our community or contact our support directly.

Do you have a suggestion?

If so, be sure to check the ideation board and the community first, and create a new entry necessary!
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