Beta Features

Beta Features Disclaimer

Beta features are new features currently under active and early development phase that and are excluded from Amity's SLAs.

We test new features and products before releasing them in beta. However, beta features and products may contain bugs, vulnerabilities, performance issues, or other problems. To minimize risk, we recommends that customers test these beta features in a sandbox environment before gradually using them in production scenarios.

We may change, make fixes to, remove features from, add features to, or otherwise improve or modify beta features before removing their beta designation. Although we strive to keep all the APIs / SDKs unchanged and interrupted, we may occasionally issue breaking changes into Beta features.

We regularly moves features from beta to general availability. However, since beta features vary in complexity and success criteria, we makes no timeline guarantees.

Some Beta Features may be under Private Beta - which means that the features are not available to the public. You can submit your request here if you would like to enable a feature under Private Beta on your account.

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