Install TypeScript SDK

The Amity Social Cloud SDK for TypeScript is delivered as an npm module.


Add the SDK to your repository with this code:


npm install @amityco/ts-sdk --save


yarn add @amityco/ts-sdk

Getting Started

The very first thing to do once you have installed the SDK, is to creating an instance of the client and logging in.

Once the client has been instantiated and you are logged in. You can now use API's to create a channel, message, community and posts!

Browser Support

  • Chrome: 38+

  • Firefox: 42+

  • Microsoft Edge: 13+

  • Safari: 9+

  • Opera: 25+

Amity Web SDK probably won't work great in Internet Explorer 11. We generally support the recent versions of major browsers listed above.

Since Amity Web SDK uses local cache for performance and user experience reasons, server side rendering is not supported. To use Amity Web SDK with NextJS, Amity Web SDK must be imported using Dynamic Import with SSR disabled.

React Native Framework

Use our TypeScript SDK natively to support your applications built using the React Native framework.

In order to support older JavaScript runtime, you need to include a global polyfill for your bundled package.

First, install core-js in your project.

npm install core-js

Then, import fromEntries in the root of your project.

import 'core-js/features/object/from-entries';

You can check out our React Native sample application here.

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