Push Notifications

Feature Explanation

Network Level Push Notification Settings

The first step in using push notifications is to enable network-level push notifications settings. Please follow the steps below to achieve this.

*Only 'Super Administrator' and 'Administrator' have the ability to disable or enable this feature.

Step 1:

  • In the Console page, navigate to Settings > Push Notifications

  • Turn ON the Network Notification Settings toggle button.

Important Note : When the network level settings' toggle is turned off, all chat and social notification events will be turned off immediately.

Step 2:

Double-check that all events such as Chat, Post and Comments are correctly enabled. After the network level settings are turned ON, the notification events can be adjusted individually.

Important Note : Before using this function, make sure you've already set up your push notification certificate.

  • View how to set up iOS push notification certificate here

  • View how to set up Android push notification certificate here

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