Admin Access Control

The Amity Social Cloud console allows Super Admins to customize the permissions of Admin users. This gives organizations finer control over their admin structure and improves security by limiting actions that could lead to misuse or compromised data. Super Admins can control whether an Admin can access the following sensitive functionality:

  • Access Secure Mode: Allows the Admin to access secure mode features such as generating Admin Token that Allows the admin to generate an API token for secure authentication.

  • Manage Admin: Allows the Admin to create new Admin accounts and configure general admins' permissions. Any new admins they create will have permissions disabled by default.

This feature enhances the admin access control on the console by introducing two different admin roles: super admin and general admin. This allows for more granular control over who has access to what features on the console.

Super Admin

The super admin role has full access to all features on the console. This includes the ability to create, edit, and delete admins, as well as manage admin tokens.

General Admin

The general admin role has limited access to the console. This includes the ability to create and edit admins, but not delete them. General admins also cannot manage admin tokens.

Manage Admin Permissions

As a Super Admin, you can configure admin permissions from the Admin Users page in the console. Each Admin user will have an associated set of permissions that you can configure, as well as their basic information.

Only a Super Admin can configure General Admins' Permissions.

To edit the permissions for an Admin:

  1. Go to the Admin Users page.

  1. Click on the "Edit name & Permissions" button for the Admin you want to configure.

  1. Adjust permissions and basic information as desired.

  2. Click 'Save changes'. The Admin user will now be restricted from performing any actions you have disabled permissions for.

Create a New Admin

As a Super Administrator, you have the authority to create new Administrator accounts. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Go to the Admin Users page.

  2. Click on the "Create new admin" button.

  1. Fill in the required information for the new Administrator, such as username, email, and basic information.

  2. Determine and set the permissions for the new Administrator. Remember, all permissions are initially disabled for a new Administrator.

  3. Once all details and permissions are correctly filled, click on the 'Create Admin' button to create the new Administrator account.

The new Administrator account is now created. The permissions you've set will define the extent of this new Administrator's access and capabilities within the console. The Administrator will not be able to perform any functions for which you've not granted permission, thereby ensuring the secure and controlled management of your console.

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