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Install JavaScript SDK

The Amity Social Cloud SDK for JavaScript is delivered as an npm module.


Add the SDK to your repository via npm: npm install @amityco/js-sdk --save.
Installing the SDK requires you to use a javascript package manager such as npm or yarn. If your current build system does not use package managers, please contact us at
If you already installed our SDK with the name eko-sdk, be sure to check our migration guide from version 4 to 5.

Browser Support

  • Chrome: 38+
  • Firefox: 42+
  • Microsoft Edge: 13+
  • Safari: 9+
  • Opera: 25+
Amity Web SDK probably won't work great in Internet Explorer 11. We generally support the recent versions of major browsers listed above.
Since Amity Web SDK uses local cache for performance and user experience reason, server side rendering is not supported. To use Amity Web SDK with NextJS, Amity Web SDK must be imported using Dynamic Import with SSR disabled.
AmitySDK already includes our UIKit. Don’t install the UIKit separately if you have already installed the SDK.
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