Amity Social Cloud Console

Amity offers a ton of moderation tools and capabilities designed to offer greater control for the user. Moderation can occur both at the user level and the admin level.

The SDK comes alongside a specialized Amity Social Cloud Console that acts as a dashboard where administrators will be able to observe and control data belonging to their network. The ASC Console provides a variety of moderation features and customizable settings for you to use to moderate your applications.

To access the console, you will need an ASC Portal account.

Accessing ASC Console

First navigate to the console for your application by clicking on the "Go to console" button on the "My Applications" Screen of your ASC Portal.

Getting your API Key

You can see the API key - that you'll need to connect to the client - under the "Settings/ Security" section of the console, as pictured below.

Moderation via API

Many of the moderation functions supported in ASC Console's UI interface are exposed as APIs accessible with an Admin Access Token. If you would like to moderate some features this way instead of using the console, please refer to the Amity Social Cloud API documentation.

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