SDK v6.26.0 Unread Count Migration Guide

This document outlines the steps for migrating from the previous implementation approach to the latest unread count feature in your project (Android, iOS SDK version 6.26.0 and above, and TS SDK version 6.18.0 and above). By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth transition and leverage the improved functionality offered by the new approach.

Removal of Deprecated Methods:

  • Remove all implementations of AmityCoreClient.startUnreadSync() and AmityCoreClient.stopUnreadSync(): These methods have been deprecated and are no longer supported.

Enabling Unread Count Feature:

Method Replacements:

Implementing Message Marking as Read:

Additional Notes:

By following these steps and considering the additional notes, you can successfully migrate your unread count feature to the latest approach, enhancing your application's functionality and user experience.

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