Unread Count

For iOS and Android SDK version 6.26.0 and above and TS SDK version 6.18.0 and above, please refer to this migration guideline to access the latest unread count feature - SDK v6.26.0 Unread Count Migration Guide.

The unread count feature in chat channels and subchannels allows you to keep track of new messages and stay up-to-date with ongoing conversations. By providing a simple indicator of unread messages, users can quickly prioritize which channels require their attention. This topic provides instructions for managing unread messages in a chat channel and sub-channel.

we only support unread count on community, conversation, and broadcast channels. We do not support this feature in live channels. Mention unread in channels and subchannels aren't supported as well.

Enable Unread Count

To enable the unread message count feature on the device, the user must start unread count syncing. This ensures that the user, as well as all channels and subchannels, have an up-to-date message unread count. To disable this feature, users simply stop the unread count syncing, which will stop updating the message unread count from their device.

Start unread count syncing

To start unread count syncing, you can use the following code:

Stop unread count syncing

To stop unread count syncing, you can use the following code:

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