FCM legacy API Migration Guide

Starting June 01, 2024, Google will discontinue support for sending mobile push notifications via the legacy FCM v1 APIs. To avoid disruption to the notification service on your platform applications, we recommend planning and migrating them before this date. For guidance on migration, please refer to the documentation provided here.

No action is required on the Amity Social Cloud SDKs and UIKits.

Generate a new private key JSON file from Firebase Console.

  1. Navigate to Firebase project -> "Service accounts" tab.

  2. Then click "Generate new private key" -> "Generate key" (trigger download of .json file).

  3. Store the JSON file that contains the private key securely on your local machine.

Add a new private key JSON file on Admin Console

  1. Go to Amity Social Cloud Admin Console and login with credentials.

  2. On the left navigation bar, navigate to "Settings" -> "Push Notifications".

  3. Click Add new certificate on the "PNS Certificates" section.

  1. When the "Add PNS Certificate" option appears, enter the Certificate Name and select "Android" as the platform.

  1. Select "Firebase Cloud Messaging in "Provider" section.

  2. In the "FCM Credentials" section, upload the JSON file that contains the downloaded key.

  3. After successfully uploading the JSON file, click "Submit" to save the credential.

  4. Finally, ensure to activate the newly uploaded certificate by clicking the upward arrow icon.

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