Managed UI Kit - Deprecation

Amity Manage UI Kit - Deprecation Notice

Amity Social Cloud will be deprecating all managed versions of the UI Kits (IOS, Android and Web J.S.) on 31 August 2022. Our UI Kits were built to enable even faster integration of our social and chat features. In January this year, we open sourced all our UI Kits to provide our customers with more flexibility and greater customization options. Since then, we have seen a shift towards the open source version as it gives complete control over the visual style while keeping the integration time as short as possible.

To ensure that you continue to receive the latest updates and improvements, we encourage you to migrate over to the open source version. We’ve written instruction guides to help you migrate to the open source version, get the latest updates, and contribute to the project all available below.

What happens once the managed version UI Kit is deprecated?

Once the managed version is deprecated, we will transition our support to the open source UI Kit for any bug requests and releases of new features. You will still be able to use the managed UI Kit, however it will no longer be receiving further updates. All documentation relating to the managed UI Kit version will be moved to the deprecation notice section. Any ongoing improvements will be made to the open source version under the Lesser General Public License (GNU).

How to migrate off the managed version UI Kit?

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