• iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Swift 5
  • Xcode 11.7

Implementation Strategies

The UIKit API provides several strategies to integrate with your application.

Page Presentation

  • Use the UIKit as is.
  • Integrate the Chat experience in the least amount of effort.

Page Presentation customized

  • Add a custom theme to the default implementation of the UIKit.
  • Complete control of the visual style of Chat UI by implementing declarative styles (fonts and colors) for your user interface.

Page Integration

  • Use key components from the UIKit SDK and integrate them directly into your application.
  • Add the Chat UI to your existing design.

Key Concepts


The UIKit is built on the foundation of the Amity API while adding a UI layer to speed product development efforts. At the core it is leveraging the same Channel, Messaging concepts, subscribing to live objects whilst adding a UIKit to accelerate product delivery and UI that delivers great user experience for companies wanting to deploy messaging.
In the current state, there are two modules that can be used. You can follow the steps below. These two modules can be integrated into your application easily in no time.
User can create community, create post content and see new content generate via Feed
User can see list of their friends and start a new chat room - 1:1 or group - with them