Moderation is an important feature for building a safe community that encourages user participation and engagement.

Amity’s customer-centric nature ensures that security needs are kept at the forefront of the work we do. Our purpose has been to continuously develop features that are safe and ready to use. We power our moderators with tools to control and impose permissions that make their applications a safer place, for all users. We put the utmost importance on giving power to our clients to implement protocols that keep their applications healthy, safe and compliant.

  1. The channel creator is automatically assigned as the channel moderator.

  2. The previous/last moderator is not allowed to leave a community and an error is displayed.

  3. The channel moderator can promote a user/member to moderator.

  4. The channel moderator can demote a moderator to a user/member.

This applies only to Live and Community channels’. This does not apply to Conversation Channel.

ChannelModeration class provides various methods to moderate the users present in channel. You can ban/unban users, assign roles or remove them from a user.

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