Mention in Comment

Mentions allow users to tag other users in comments. It's a powerful tool for fostering engagement and collaboration within your social application. With mentions, users can easily notify specific individuals or groups to new content or important updates. In the SDK, mentions can be implemented in a range of ways, depending on your application's needs and user experience. For more information about mentions, please refer to Mentions.

Create Comment with Mentions

Update Comment with Mentions

We provide developers with an efficient method for updating comments with mentions of specific users, you can easily add mentions to their post updates and but it will not notify the relevant users.

To remove mentions you can provide an empty JSON object for the metadata parameter, and an empty list for the mention users parameter. By doing so, You can easily remove mentions from the post content, while ensuring that the overall structure of the post remains intact.:

To update a comment/reply with mentions, this is the method in AmityCommentEditor:

Render Mentions

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