Post Details Page

This page shows content of a post including reactions and comments.

Reply feature is coming soon.




Post content

User can view content of the post including reactions and comments.

Comment creation

User can create a comment by adding text to the compose bar and tapping Post


Create a Fragment


Link Preview in Post

The Link Preview feature in posts is designed to enrich user experience by providing a visual and informative preview of external links. This feature enhances content sharing, making it more interactive and engaging. This feature significantly improves the user's posting experience. It allows for a preliminary check of the link's accuracy and relevance, adding visual appeal to the post with an informative preview.

When a user includes a link in a post, the feature automatically extracts and displays key information: the title, main image, and a short description, creating an informative preview of the linked content. If the link is unavailable, it will show a empty placeholder or error view instead.

Editing Capability

Users can edit the link preview even after the post is created. This flexibility ensures that the information remains up-to-date and accurate, enhancing the overall quality of the post.

Limitations and Use Cases

The preview feature is designed to only display images, titles, and descriptions after a post is created. This ensures clarity and relevance in the shared content.

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