Post Creation Page

This page provides a form for post creation.

Text only

Text and Images

The user can select images from 2 sources.

Device Camera

Text and Files

Text and Videos


You can create a poll post and other users can interact with that poll post by selecting from the poll options.

Live Stream

To create a live stream post and for a detailed discussion on the live stream features, refer to Livestream Post documentation.

Refer to our Live Stream documentation to enable live stream functionalities.



Post creation

Create post by adding content such as text, images, videos, and files. Refer to Supported types for more details.

Mention in post

Mention users in post by typing @ to activate mention suggestion and selecting their names in the suggestion list. Up to 30 users can be mentioned per post.

An alert will be shown if character count is greater than 50000 or mentions count is greater than 30.

Supported types

  • File: All file types are supported

  • Image: JPG, JPEG, and PNG

  • Video: 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4 and MPEG-2

  1. The maximum file, image, or video size that you can upload is 1 GB.

  2. Uploaded images or videos whose format is not supported (e.g. HEIC, HEVC) will be automatically converted to PNG for images and MP4 for videos.


Create a view controller

// Post to user feed
let viewController = AmityPostCreatorViewController.make(postTarget: .myFeed)

// Post to community feed
let viewController = AmityPostCreatorViewController.make(postTarget: .community(object: postModel))

// Poll post
let viewController = AmityPollCreatorViewController.make(postTarget: <your post target>)
self.present(viewController, animated: true, completion: nil)





enums to determine where is the target feed consist of myFeed and community(AmityCommunityModel)

AmityCommunityModel is a wrapper class of AmityCommunity which is a live object from AmitySDK

Attachment options

By default AmityPostCreatorViewController allows all attachments when creating a post. You can optionally choose attachment options when creating the post.

All available attachment options are image, video, and file. These can be found in AmityPostAttachmentType.

// Only allow file attachment in post creator page.
let settings = AmityPostEditorSettings()
settings.allowPostAttachments = [.file]
let postCreator = AmityPostCreatorViewController.make(postTarget: postTarget, settings: settings)

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