Get User Information

In the Amity SDK, a user is represented by an AmityUser object, which contains the user's unique userId and displayName. The userId is an immutable value that is assigned to a user when their account is created, and cannot be changed afterwards. This value serves as a unique identifier for the user within the SDK, and is used to perform actions such as sending messages or creating connections between users.

To retrieve an AmityUser object for a specific userId, you can use the getUser method provided by the UserRepository. This method accepts the userId as a parameter and returns a Live Object of AmityUser. The live object allows developers to observe changes to the user's properties in real-time, ensuring that their app remains up-to-date with the latest user information.

To retrieve multiple users, you can use getUserByIds method provided by UserRepository. This method accepts a collection of userId as a parameter and returns a Live Collection ofAmityUser.

The functionality isn't currently supported by this SDK.

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