Search Members

Search Channel Members

The searchMembers function in the AmityChannelParticipation class is used to search for members in a channel when mentioning. It takes the following parameters:

The function returns a Live Collection of ChannelMember objects. You can filter search results with more than one option, such as filtering by muted and banned users. The role filter, which takes the role enum as an argument.

If no keyword is supplied, the list of users will be organized alphabetically by display name. When a keyword is provided, the list will be arranged based on search rank.

It takes the following parameters:

  • displayName/keywords: This parameter takes in the display name or user ID of the member being searched.

  • roles: This parameter is used to filter search results by roles:

    • member - Standard member

    • mute - Muted member

    • ban - Banned member

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