Flutter UIKit Installation Guide

Amity Flutter UIKit Migration Guide

To clarify and streamline the instructions for integrating the Amity UIKit into a Flutter project, I'll reorganize and correct your provided steps:

Step 1: Clone the Amity UIKit Repository

First, clone the Amity UIKit repository from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/AmityCo/flutter_amity_uikit_beta_service

Navigate to the cloned directory:

cd flutter_amity_uikit_beta_service

Step 2: Add Local Package Dependency in pubspec.yaml

In your Flutter project (not the Amity UIKit project), update the pubspec.yaml file to include the Amity UIKit as a local package dependency:

    sdk: flutter
    path: ../flutter_amity_uikit_beta_service

Replace ../flutter_amity_uikit_beta_service with the actual relative or absolute path to your cloned flutter_amity_uikit_beta_service directory.

Step 3: Import Package in Your Dart Files

In your Flutter project, import the Amity UIKit package in the Dart files where you want to use it:

import 'package:amity_uikit_beta_service/amity_sle_uikit.dart';
// Import other specific files from the package as needed

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