Comment Tray Component

This component provide viewing comment, creating and editing, adding reaction.

The Comment Tray Component in Amity UIKit 4.0 facilitates a dynamic interaction layer for users to engage with stories or posts through comments and reactions. This customizable component is designed to foster community engagement and conversation directly within the content viewing experience.


View, create or edit comments

User can view, create or edit text comments or reply comments, can also add reaction to comment.


Config IDTypeDescription



You can customize theme



You can customize button_text, icon and background_color



You can customize button_text, icon and background_color



You can customize close_icon

For more details customization, please refer to Customization page.


For iOS applications, integrating the Comment Tray Component involves initializing it with a reference ID (such as a story or post ID) and specifying the reference type. Here's a simple example:

This snippet sets up the comment tray for a specific story, ready to be incorporated into the app’s UI through a SwiftUI hosting controller.

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