Text Post

Text posts are a simple yet powerful way to create and share text-based content with other users on our platform. With the Amity Social SDK, users can quickly and easily create text posts and add them to a user's or community's feed. As demonstrated in the code sample below, you can simply include the text data as a parameter when creating a text post.

Here's an explanation of the method's parameters:

  • text: This is a required parameter of type String, which represents the text content of the new post. You can pass in any text you want to include in the post, up to a maximum length of 20,000 characters.

  • targetType - Type of the target, either a particular community or a user feed.

  • metaData - Additional properties to support custom fields.

  • tags - Arbitrary strings that can be used for defining and querying for the posts.

Use AmityTextPostBuilder to create text post.

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