Community Management

Learn how to manage your communities with ASC Console

The Community tab serves as a central hub that allows you to manage all communities within your network. Here, you'll be able to easily create a new community, manage community permissions and memberships, and moderate community content such as posts and comments.

Under the Community tab, you will find two pages - Categories and Communities.

Categories Page

The Categories page gives you an overview of all the categories created and which communities the categories are tagged to. Here, you can also create new categories and edit existing ones.

Categories essentially act like classifications, allowing you to tag communities that fall under the same interest area. For example, if you have 5 fitness-related communities, you can create a "Fitness" category and tag those communities under "Fitness". Tagging communities with a category enables your end users to explore other communities within the same interest area.

Read more about creating & managing categories here.

Communities Page

The Communities page gives you an overview of all communities that have been created in your network, including communities that have been deleted. To manage a community, simply select the community you want to manage, and you'll be able to manage the community's activity, memberships, and settings & permissions. You can also create a new community by selecting the "+" button on the top right.

To easily identify communities that require moderation, simply select the flag icon to filter a list of communities that contain flagged content.

Create a new community

To create a community:

  1. Navigate to the side menu and select Communities.

  2. A Create New Community triggers a form. Fill in the required information:

    • Avatar: Select the avatar for this community. It will be visible by all users

    • Community name: Provide a name that will be visible to all community members and non-members

    • About (optional): Provide some information about the community with a maximum of 180 characters.

    • Category: Select a category from the list of categories you have created, or create one first.

    • Push notifications Modes : When a community is created or edited, it is now possible for Admins and Super Admins of console to define if push notifications should be sent for new activity in the community:

      • Default mode: All members will receive notifications. By default, notifications will be enabled for each member in this community, although they have the option of disabling notifications for new activity in the community.

      • Silent mode: Notifications are disabled for all members in this community. Members will not have the option to enable notifications for new activity in the community.

      • Subscribe mode: All members can receive notifications, but they will need to enable notifications as by default, notifications will be disabled for each member.

View & Manage a Community's Activity

Once you've selected a community, select the "Activity" tab to view and manage all posts and comments that have been created in the community. Here, you can also schedule posts to be published, and approve or decline pending posts that require approval before it is posted onto the community's feed.

If a post has been flagged by community members, it will show you the number of times the post has been flagged; and whether the post has any reported comments. The actual content, image, and videos posted by users will be displayed here, even if the post was soft-deleted. This allows you to review flagged posts. You can then choose to either clear the flags of the posts and comments, or delete the post altogether.

View & Manage a Community's Membership

To see the community's member list, select the "Members" tab.

You'll be able to see a list of current community members, including users who have been community-banned or deleted. You can use the search feature to search for members by their user ID or display name, or filter to show only banned members. You'll also be able to sort the member list. Banned and deleted users will have an icon displayed next to their User ID indicating their status.

Currently, the following community management functionalities are available on ASC Console:

  • Adding a member to the community

  • Removing a member from the community

  • Changing an existing member's role in the community to another default role (either member, or moderator)

  • Community banning or unbanning a user

View & Manage Community Permissions & Settings

If you want to change any of the settings and permissions of a community that was created, simply go to the 'Permissions' tab and 'Settings' tab.

Managing Posting Permissions

Under 'Permissions', you'll be able to configure the community's posting permissions.

If your community is a community that's mainly for important announcements, you can set permissions to enable "Only admins can post". This means that community members who are not moderators will not be able to create a post in the community. Read more about roles & privileges here.

If you'd like to allow members to contribute, but would like to review their posts first, you can enable "Approve member posts". When this setting is enabled, all posts created will need to be approved or declined by any moderator of the community. Only approved posts will be published in the community feed.

Do note that you can't enable both of these post settings at the same time. If both of these settings are disabled, it means that all members of the community will be able to post freely in the community feed.

Managing Commenting Permissions

On the same 'Permissions' page, you'll be able to configure the community's commenting permissions - specifically for commenting on stories. If "Allow comments on community stories" is enabled, your community members will be able to comment on all active stories posted within that community.

Commenting permissions are at the community level and not individual story levels - which means that if this setting is disabled, members will not be allowed to comment on all stories within the community. We currently don't support being able to 'lock' individual stories from being commented on.

Updating Community Settings

Changed your mind about making the community private? Made a typo when creating the community?

If you want to update any of the settings that were configured when a community was created, go to the "Settings" tab.

You'll be able to:

  • Remove or upload a new community avatar

  • Update the community's name

  • Remove or update a community's description

  • Change the community's category

  • Mark community as an official community

  • Mark community as public or private

You can also close a community, although we'd recommend that this should be an intentional decision as you won't be able to restore a deleted community.

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