Amity Social Cloud APIs and Services

A number of administrative functions can only be accessed with the Amity Social Cloud APIs

Using API

Amity APIs can be used either in Admin or User context. Regardless of whether you are using it as an admin or a user, you will need an access token before you can use the API.


For Administrators who are using our APIs in making server-to-server API calls, you need an Admin Access token to connect to the Amity server.

Refer to Admin API Access Token for the instructions on how to generate the admin access token.


If you want use the Amity Social Cloud APIs as a user, you need to register a session via Session API to retrieve the User Access token. Once you've received the accessToken, you can use the token to call other API endpoints. Please note that User Access token is subject to the same authorization as the owner of the access token.

User Access token is valid for 30 days. However, it will be invalidated if a different user ID of the same device is registered with Device API

Revoke User Access Token

User's access tokens can be revoked via the Revoke API. This API can only be used with an admin access token.

API Reference

Once you have the appropriate access token, you can now use the token to make API calls.

Our API documentation explains all API endpoints used in Amity Social Cloud. Refer to Amity API documentation for a list of all our Amity Social Cloud Rest APIs.​

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