Following / Follower User List Page (2.2)

In this page , user will see the list of the following user (users who the target userId has been following) and the follower user(users who follow the target userId).

In the current state , NO search in Following and follower list.




Current user profile

If current user will access other user's following and Follower user list, he will see his own profile on top of the list

Report / undo report user

User can send report or undo report in this page via the action menu UIKIT included in this page

Remove user from follower list

If current user will access his own follower list, he can remove followers via the three dots button and action menu

Redirect user to user profile page.

If user taps on the user item list, he will be redirected to user profile page of that user

You can try it with this code:

let vc = AmityUserFollowersViewController.make(withUserId: "userId")
navigationController?.pushViewController(vc, animated: true)

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