Update Channel

Update a Channel

The updateChannel function allows users to modify the properties of a channel. This function is useful in cases where a channel's details need to be updated, such as changing the channel's display name or avatar.

The function takes a channelId parameter as a required input, which specifies the channel to be modified. Additionally, users can pass in any number of optional parameters to update the channel's properties. These optional parameters include:

  • displayName: The new display name for the channel.

  • avatarFileId: A new avatar image for the channel - Used to store ID of image file that represents avatar of the channel. To obtain file ID to set as channel avatar please see Upload Images section

  • tags: Arbitrary strings that can be used for define and query for the channels

  • metadata: Additional metadata to be associated with the channel.

metadata is implemented with last writer wins semantics: multiple mutations by independent users to the metadata object will result in a single stored value. No locking, merging, or other coordination is performed across multiple writes on the data.

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