File Handling

Files are an essential component of modern software applications. Amity provides a powerful file management system that enables you to easily handle different types of files, such as document files, videos, and audio files. In this section, we will introduce you to the concept of a file in Amity and provide an overview of file handling in Amity.

File Data



Root file key on cloud storage


HTTP link for file download


File type


Date/time when a file is uploaded


Date/time when a file is updated


Information about the file

Upload Files

To upload a file to the system, you can use the Amity File Upload API provided by the SDK. The API allows you to upload a file to the Amity server by providing the file's data and the file metadata, such as the file name, file type, and file size. The SDK simplifies the process of uploading files by providing pre-built components that you can easily integrate into your application.

Retrieve Files

You can retrieve a file from Amity using the Amity File Retrieval API provided by the SDK. The API enables you to retrieve a file from the Amity server by supplying the file ID. The SDK streamlines the process of retrieving files by offering pre-made components that can be smoothly integrated into your app.

Delete Files

In addition to uploading and retrieving files, Amity provides a deleting function to delete a file that is no longer needed.

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