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In order to play a live stream or recorded live stream using React Native app, we provided AmityStreamPlayer component. This player allows developers to easily incorporate video playback functionality into their applications. To utilize this feature, developers can refer to the example code provided below, which demonstrates how to play the desired video with simplicity and efficiency.

Setup & Configuration

To use AmityStreamPlayer , please follow this setup step in your react native project.

Install peer dependencies

yarn add \
@amityco/ts-sdk-react-native \
react-native-video \
react-native-vlc-media-player \
react-native-get-random-values \

After peer dependencies installed, follow these following steps depends on your Platform


Install pods

cd ios && pod install


config kotlinVersion and compileSdkVersion in android/build.gradle, add kotlinVersion above 1.7.0 and compileSdkVersion above 34 in buildscript > ext

buildscript {
    ext {
        compileSdkVersion = 34
        kotlinVersion = "1.9.22"

Play a live stream and playback video

To initialize the player, call setupAmityVideoPlayer() after login

import {Client} from '@amityco/ts-sdk-react-native';
import {setupAmityVideoPlayer} from '@amityco/video-player-react-native';

const response = await Client.login(loginParam, sessionHandler);

Get Amity.Stream object using StreamRepository.getStreamById

import {StreamRepository} from '@amityco/ts-sdk-react-native';

const getStreamById = (streamId: string) => {
    const unsubscriber = StreamRepository.getStreamById(({data, loading, error}) => {
        if (data) {

On your live stream video player page, use AmityStreamPlayer component and pass Amity.Stream .

import {AmityStreamPlayer} from '@amityco/video-player-react-native';
import {useRef} from 'react';

const Component = ({livestream}: {livestream:Amity.Stream}) => {
  const ref = useRef();

  // You can implement your own media control and use ref to pause and play the livestream
  const onStopPlayer = () => {
    ref.current && ref.current.pause();

  const onStartPlayer = () => {
    ref.current &&;

  return (
      {/* Pass Amity.Stream object as stream prop to AmtiyStreamPlayer */}
      <AmityStreamPlayer ref={ref} stream={livestream} status={livestream.status} />
      {/* You can add your media control compoent here. Since for the live video, AmitStreamPlayer does not provide the media control */}
      <ControlComponent />

export default Components;

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