React Native (Beta)

Amity modules are ready-to-use — the only things left to do for our customers are integration and front-end. Going the extra mile, we've created a UIKit with endless customizations.

Welcome to the beta version of our open-source UIKit for React Native! This UIKit is specifically designed to enhance your React Native application by integrating the robust Amity Social features effortlessly with our TypeScript SDK.

What is Amity React Native UIKit?

Amity UIKit for React Native is a comprehensive collection of user interfaces that accelerates the integration of standard Amity Social features into new or existing applications. This UIKit is uniquely tailored to provide developers with the essential building blocks to construct a socially engaging application, thereby facilitating a quick and smooth development process.

As it is still in its beta version, the repository is updated frequently as we fine-tune and add more features to meet your development needs. We encourage you to stay connected to get the most out of our evolving UIKit here!

Key Features

The Amity UI-Kit for React Native offers:

  • User Interface Components: A library of reusable UI components designed to incorporate Amity Social features with ease.

  • Integration Flexibility: It supports integration with both Expo and React Native CLI, thus offering a versatile development experience.

Support and Documentation

For more detailed information on implementing our SDK, please visit our comprehensive documentation. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, so if you need further support, feel free to contact our support team at We are committed to helping you build amazing social experiences with our tools. Happy coding!

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