Channel Management

Admins have the capability to view all channels both open and closed. Additionally, creating a new channel is facilitated here.

Searching and Filtering

Admins can effortlessly search for and filter channels based on specific criteria. Both active and deleted channels are displayed in the list. To differentiate the state of the channel:

  • Active channels are standard.

How to Apply Filters:

  1. Navigate to "Channels" in the sidebar.

  2. On the top, you'll find the search and filter options.

Available Filter Options:


Show All Channels

Display every channel in the system—this includes active, deleted, and muted channels.

Hide Deleted Channels

This will exclude deleted channels from view, presenting only active and muted channels.

Flagged Messages

Display channels that contain user-flagged messages.

List of Channel Actions



Channels members will no longer be able to send new messages in the channel


Channels members are able to send new messages in the channel

Stop Channel

Closes a channel. All channel members will be immediately kicked from the channel

Delete Channel

The channel will be disappeared from the non-admin users. The admins will still be able to see the deleted channels on the console with a gray-tinted trash icon.

Create Channel

The channel types that you can create in console are:

  • Community

    • When you create a community channel, you can select to make it private or public. A public community can be found, while a private community cannot be found by non-members as they need to be invited.

  • Live

  • Broadcast

To create a channel:

  1. Navigate to the side menu and select Channels.

  2. A Create New Channel pop-up will appear. Fill in the required information:

    • Channel ID: Enter the ID for the channel.

    • Display Name: Provide a name that will be visible to all channel members.

    • Mute Channel: Check this option if you wish to mute all members within the channel.

    • Channel privacy : Decide to make this community Channel as Private or public. Only community channels can be rendered private.

    • Push notifications Modes : When a Channel is created or edited, it is now possible for Admins and Super Admins of console to define the Push notification mode

      • Default mode : In that case, all members will receive notifications. However, if they did not subscribe to notifications in this channel, they will not receive anything.

      • Silent mode : In that case, an admin is disabling all notifications for this channel even if members of this channel have subscribed to receiving notifications from this channel

      • Subscribe mode : Only members that subscribed to receiving notifications will receive any.

  3. Click Create channel.

Delete Channel

The Amity Social Cloud console offers the capability to delete a channel using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the side menu and select Channels.

  2. Under the Channels Management section, click on the channel that you want to delete.

  3. Go to Settings section

  4. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the Delete channel button.

Managing Channel Users

To view the list of current members in the channel, select Members. Here, you will be able to manage users in the channel, such as:

  • Mute or unmute a channel member

  • Ban a user from the channel or unban them

  • Change a user's role within the channel

  • Remove a user from a channel

You will also be able to see if a user has been banned from the channel, indicated by a banned symbol next to the user's name. To unban this user, simply click again on the banned button and confirm if you would like to unban them. Once a user has been unbanned from the channel, they will no longer appear as part of the channel member list and will be able to rejoin or be re-added into the channel.

Do note that if you remove a banned channel member, their banned status will be cleared and they will be able to join or be added back into the channel as well.

See also: Channel Ban, Muting & Unmuting Channel Users

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