iOS Push Notification Certificate Setup

Process to setup iOS push notification certificates to receive notification from AmitySDK / AmityUIKit.

In order to send or receive push notifications using our SDK, you would need to create push notification certificates from Apple Developer Console & Upload in our Amity console.

Here are the steps to generate push notification certificate from Apple Developer Console.

When a new .p12 certificate is created, previous certificate gets revoked and cannot be used again.

Step 1:

Go to Apple Developer Console (i.e and click on Certificates.

Step 2:

Select Apple Push Notification Service SSL (Sandbox & Production)

This certificate will be applicable for both Sandbox & Production environments so you do not need to create a separate for each one.

Step 3:

Follow the rest of the steps of creating certificates as shown by apple & download the .cer file.

Step 4:

Double click on .cer file you downloaded in the last step in Finder. After few seconds, Keychain Access program should open.

Step 5:

Select Login → My Certificates, then right click on the Apple Push Services certificate that you just installed. It would show you with some options as shown below.

Step 6:

Select Export “Apple Push Services …” option and save the file using .p12 extension. If you add a password while exporting, you will need to enter the same password in Amity Console.

Step 7:

Open Amity Console. Select Settings → Push Notifications & Upload this .p12 file to Amity Console.

This certificate can be used to receive push notification in your production build (Distributed through Appstore or Testflight). Currently we do not support receiving push notification in Debug build.

That’s it. Now the certificate is setup, Please follow the steps shown in Register & Unregister Push Notifications section to correctly send APNS token to receive push notification.

Please make sure you have Push Notification capabilities enabled in your Xcode Project.

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