Installing UI Kit (deprecated)

To provide greater customization options, we have open-sourced our UIKit and deprecated the pacakged UIKit version previously available. For the best quality and access to the latest features, we strongly recommend integrating our UIKit with the open-source version. For more details Please refer to Web UIKit Installation Guide section.

The UiKitProvider

At the core of your project, you will need to import and decorate your application with the UiKitProvider.

import { UiKitProvider } from ‘@amityco/ui-kit’

export default function App() {
  return <UiKitProvider>
    <YourApp />

AmityUIKit already includes our SDK. Don’t install AmitySDK separately if you have already installed the UIKit.

Using the UIKit

You can use the UIKit components with this code:

<AmityUiKitProvider key={userId} apiKey={apiKey} userId={userId}>
    <AmityUiKitSocial />

Check this sample code in our web sample application.

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