Query Communities

The queryCommunities method can be useful for users who are new to your app or are exploring their community options. By providing a way to explore for communities, you can help users to discover the full range of community options available within your app.
To query communities with certain criteria, the following parameters are used:
  • displayName allows you to filter communities based on the community's displayName.
  • filter/membership allows you filter communities based on the logged-in user membership status.
  • categoryId allows you filter communities based on community categories.
  • sortBy allows you filter communities based on the order that the communities were created or based on alphabetical order, last created, and first created.
  • includeDeleted allows you specify if you want to include deleted communities in your query. By passing true or false to this method, you can include or exclude deleted communities from the results.
If you'd like to fetch all communities, you can pass the keyword as null.
Version 6
Last modified 9mo ago