Start / Stop reading a Subchannel

To ensure that the message read count is up to date for a subchannel, users need to start reading the sub channel. When a user opens a subchannel, the chat system updates the read count for all messages in that channel, based on the user's reading status. This feature is designed to provide accurate read counts for sub channels, ensuring that users have a clear understanding of which messages have been read and which are still unread

Start reading a sub channel

Active reading of a subchannel and letting the chat system know that reading status can update the message read count in that sub channel. The system will update the read count for all messages in the sub channel that the user has not yet read.

Stop reading a sub channel

To maintain an accurate message read count, users should stop reading a sub channel when they have finished reading it. The chat system updates the read count based on the user's reading status, so if a user leaves a sub channel, they should stop reading to avoid reading new messages.

stopReading will be called automatically if the internet connection drops or is disconected. It lasts for one minute. This means that if an internet connection drops after one minute, stopReading will be automatically called, and after it is re-established, startReading will be called again.

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