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This page contains an overview of all relevant changes made to the Amity UIKit modules and the latest version releases

Version 3.5.0 (2024-04-29)


  • Fixed an issue where AmityUiKitFeed displayed duplicated posts when running in strict mode.

  • Introduced a custom onBack() function that can be utilized via actionHandlers to execute specific actions after navigation.

  • Fixed real-time updates for adding users to communities.

  • Fixed real-time updates for adding reactions to posts and comments.

  • Fixed the issue where the comment box was missing on the community page.


  • NodeJS >= v12

  • NPM >= v6

New Features

  • Enhanced community search by keyword in Searching Community Page.

  • Introduce live chat functionalities enabling users to view, create, and interact with messages in 'live' channels, for more details please visit Chat.

  • Add user interface elements for displaying empty states and toast notifications to provide a more informative and intuitive user experience.


  • Feed Rate Limiting: Resolved an issue where the global feed rate limit was being exceeded. Breaking Changes None.


  • NodeJS >= v12

  • NPM >= v6

Version 3.4.0 (2024-04-05)


  • Fixed an issue where the global feed rate limit was being exceeded.


  • NodeJS >= v12

  • NPM >= v6

New Features

  • Hyperlink: Users can now add hyperlinks when drafting a story. After the story is published, the hyperlinks will be displayed in the "View Story" page.

  • Reactions: Users can now click on the reactions to see a list of individuals who have reacted to the story.


  • Feed Rate Limiting: Resolved an issue where the global feed rate limit was being exceeded. Breaking Changes None.


  • NodeJS >= v12

  • NPM >= v6

New Features

Amity UIKit 4.0 Framework

  • Introduction of UIKit 4.0 beta: A comprehensive overhaul of the UIKit, offering enhanced performance, scalability, and ease of use.

  • Modernized UI/UX: Adoption of the latest design trends and standards, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Story Feature

  • Dynamic Story Creation: Users can now create interactive and engaging stories, similar to popular social media platforms.

  • Rich Media Support: Enhanced support for images, and videos within stories.

For further information please visit UIKit V4 (beta) and Story.

As of now, the enhanced customization options and the design updates in Amity UIKit 4.0 are exclusively available for the Story feature. These advancements provide a glimpse into the future possibilities of the toolkit. We plan to extend these capabilities to other features in future releases, continually expanding the versatility and applicability of the UIKit.


  • NodeJS >= v12

  • NPM >= v6

Version 3.2.3 (2024-03-02)



  • NodeJS >= v12

  • NPM >= v6

Version 3.1.0 (2024-01-25)


  • Fixed an issue where the unread count was not updating correctly.

Version 3.0.0 (2024-01-19)

  • Our Web UIKit has transitioned from using the Amity JavaScript SDK to being based on our Amity TypeScript SDK, and it now fully supports TypeScript 🎉.

  • For all the breaking changes, deprecations, and new functions please visit - Web UIKit v3.0 Migration Guide.

Version 2.16.1 (2023-12-07)


  • Fixed a bug where the community description was improperly truncated, resulting in mid-word cutoff without appropriate line wrapping.

Version 2.16.0 (2023-09-21)


  • Update JS SDK to version 5.37.2, please see all changes here JavaScript.

Version 2.15.8 (2023-06-19)


  • Resolved the issue where .mov files were not playable on Javascript UIKit.

Version 2.15.7 (2023-05-08)


  • Fixed issue where members of a chat were displayed as "Anonymous"

Version 2.15.6 (2023-04-10)


  • Fixed issue where videos with certain file formats weren't playable on web.

Version 2.15.5 (2023-03-31)


  • Fixed issue with moderator badge size

Version 2.15.4 (2023-02-09)


  • Fixed issue where the Post button was not enabled when creating a live channel.

Version 2.15.3 (2023-02-03)


  • Fixed indent for modal overlay.

  • Added subscription for community RTE events.

  • Fixed issue where mentions displayed the user ID instead of the display name.

Version 2.15.2 (2022-12-16)


  • Fixed issue where the name of the mentioned user was not fully highlighted.

Version 2.15.0 (2022-12-02)


  • Fixed loading issue that resulted in reduced number of posts per request.

Version 2.14.6 (2022-11-18)


  • SDK Upgrade

Version 2.14.5 (2022-11-04)


  • Fixed issue where users could not edit sent messages in the community channel.

  • Fixed issue where version 5.24.0 JS SDK does not work on nextjs.

Version 2.14.4 (2022-10-07)


  • SDK Upgrade

Version 2.14.3 (2022-09-23)


  • Fixed issue where user cannot view the unread messages count.

  • Fixed issue where ban icon is missing from the user list when the display name is long.

  • Fixed issue where ban icon is missing for the banned follower/following user list, when the display name is long.

Version 2.14.2 (2022-09-09)


  • SDK Upgrade

Version 2.14.1 (2022-08-30)


  • Fixed issue where profile picture and display name could not be saved

Version 2.14.0 (2022-08-26)


  • SDK Upgrade

Version 2.13.0 (2022-08-11)


  • Fixed issue where userId is displayed instead of displayName when a user is mentioned in private community

Version 2.12.3 (2022-07-29)


  • SDK Upgrade

Version 2.12.2 (2022-06-21)


  • Made channelId optional when creating new channels

  • Fixed issue with avatarCustomUrl not rendering in certain pages

Version 2.12.1 (2022-06-02)


  • Fixed issue with missing community image in community dropdown list

Version 2.12.0 (2022-05-20)


  • Fixed issue with "Create New Chat" button not working

Version 2.11.0 (2022-04-22)


  • Incorrect mention format after editing mentioned users in post

  • Cannot view video after creating a video post

  • Incorrect color of URL in post

Version 2.10.0 (2022-03-17)


  • Low resolution for profile image

  • URL in post will not show as hyperlink

  • Cannot create image post if the same image from previous post is used

  • Post target selector now have pagination so users can see all the communities they’re a member of

  • Incorrect highlighting of mentioned users in Live Stream

  • Incorrect redirection to mentioned users when there are multiple mentions

Version 2.9.1 (2022-03-03)


  • Inconsistent mention highlighting

  • Low resolution thumbnails for uploaded images

  • Continuous loop is shown when uploading community avatar in community page

  • Overlapping tiles across Social UIKit

Version 2.9.0 (2022-02-17)

New Feature

  • Alignment of update methods in post, comment, and reply with other platforms


  • No livestream title and description shown when creating a livestream post

  • Previously mentioned user is shown on top of search list when creating the next mention

  • Other users are shown in search list when mentioning a user using the exact user name

  • Does not redirect to the User profile page when clicking the mentioned user in comment or reply

Version 2.8.0 (2022-02-04)

New Feature

  • Mention in poll post


  • Post disappears when a comment is deleted

  • Mentioned user is gone after removing the mentioned user on the edit text box and clicking cancel

  • Mentioned user still shows in ASC console even if mentionee is removed after edit

  • Mention list will now be shown above if it’s too close to the bottom of the screen

Version 2.7.0 (2022-01-25)

New Features

  • Custom post ranking in global feed

  • Mention in Comment/Reply

Version 2.6.0 (2021-12-24)

New Features

  • Update posts with mentioned users

  • Display banned symbol in banned user’s comment and reply


  • Banned users not disabled in search list when trying to mention them in posts

  • Incorrect location of banned symbol when creating a post in community

Version 2.5.0 (2021-12-09)

New Features

Transfer Roles

  • Remove all creator privileges

  • Change addRole and removeRole to addRoles and removeRoles methods respectively

  • Can now add multiple roles at once

  • Last remaining moderator of a community will not be able to leave unless the community is deleted or moderator role is transferred to others

Mention in Social

  • Search users to mention by using "@" when creating a post

  • Mention users in post

  • Mention only members inside private community

  • Show banned icons for global feed, following list, and search list


  • Community members not loading more than 20

  • Revoked creator of a community will not retain moderator roles anymore

Version 2.4.0 (2021-10-18)

New Features

  • Livestream viewer UI

  • Poll post

  • Web UI revamp for the following pages:

    • Explore communities

    • Community profile

    • User profile

    • Newsfeed

    • Edit community profile

    • Post creation upload bar

    • Comment compose bar


  • Incorrect default cover photo shown in the community setting edit profile page after creating a new community.

Version 2.3.0 (2021-09-15)

New Features

  • View videos in full screen when clicking from video gallery

  • View images in full screen when clicking from image gallery

  • Show filtered media types (including image, video, live streaming) from gallery tab in community and user feed

  • Editing of published post in UIKIT even for communities with Review Post setting enabled


  • No error message will show when post review is enabled when there is no internet connection

Version 2.2.0 (2021-08-31)

New Features


  • Send follow request to other users with the Follow button

  • View all follow requests

  • Accept/decline follow requests

  • Search for users using display name in the global search

  • View list of followers as well as the list of users that you're following

  • Remove users from the follower list

  • View the number of followers for both your own profile and other user's profile

  • Unfollow users

  • You will not be able to view the feed content of users that you are not following

For more information about the Follow/Unfollow feature, click here.

Video post

  • Show the video post in the feed (user / community / global)

  • Navigate between videos in the video gallery view

  • Click to play the video from the video gallery

  • Ask for confirmation prior to navigating out of the composing page with content

  • Disable the action buttons while uploading

  • Adjust the existing uploading state of image and apply to video

  • Entry point to pick video files when creating a post

For more information about the Video post feature, click here.


Post Review

  • Modulator cannot delete post

  • Can still show pending tab for user dismissed by moderator

  • Creator/Moderator cannot delete other post

  • No confirmation pop-up after posting

Social Feed

  • Incorrect post count on user profile page


  • Moderator Badge is not update after dismissing user from a moderator role

  • Incorrect case for “ Communities" and "Accounts"


  • Add Web UIKit license

Version 2.0.1 (2021-05-31)

New Features

  • update SDK to 5.0.1

Version 2.0.0 (2021-05-25)

New Features

  • allow to customize the visibility of Create Community button


  • edit profile and navigation provider

  • show the community creation error

  • edit profile page behavior

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