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Send a Text Message

In a chat application, it's essential to send text messages to each other in real-time, allowing for quick and easy communication. Users can also view previous messages sent and received within the chat, allowing them to reference past conversations as needed.

The sendTextMessage function is a feature provided by the Amity chat SDK that enables users to send plain text messages in a Subchannel. This function requires two parameters: text and subchannelId.

Here is a brief explanation of the function parameters:

  • text: A string that contains the text message that the user wants to send. This parameter is mandatory as it contains the actual message content.

  • subchannelId: An identifier for the subchannel where the message will be sent. Subchannels are subdivisions within a channel that represent individual topics or chat threads. Messages and interactions occur within subchannels, not the main channel itself.

  • metaData: Additional properties to support custom fields.

  • tags - Arbitrary strings that can be used for defining and querying for the messages.

Version 6

Version 5 (Maintained)

The limit for sending text messages is 10,000 characters per text message. Messages exceeding that limit will return an error and will not be sent.

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