Community Categories

The CommunityRepository also provides a way to manage community categories. When communities are placed into categories, users can easily sort and filter communities based on their category, allowing for more efficient and effective community management.

Note: Categories can only be created and updated from Amity Social Cloud Console.

Get Category

To get a particular community category, users can utilize the getCategory method provided by the CommunityRepository. This method accepts a categoryId as a parameter and returns information about the specified category.

The functionality isn't currently supported by this SDK.

Category Query

CommunityRepository also provides the categoryQuery method, which allows users to obtain the categories currently available on the system. This method returns a collection of categories.

To query community categories with certain criteria, the following parameters are used:

  • sortBy allows you filter communities based on the order that the community categories were created or based on alphabetical order, last created, and first created.

  • includeDeleted allows you specify if you want to include deleted community categories in your query. By passing true or false to this method, you can include or exclude deleted community categories from the results.

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