Roles and Permission

Amity uses roles and permissions to provide users the ability to fully customize moderation experience on the platform. To learn more about Amity SDKs default roles and permissions, refer to Roles & Permissions page.


Creator of the channel can add and remove the role of user via AmityChannelModeration.

Supported ✅ (please wait while we prepare a real example!)

  1. The channel creator is automatically assigned as the channel moderator.

  2. The previous/last moderator is not allowed to leave a community and an error is displayed.

  3. The channel moderator can promote a user/member to moderator.

  4. The channel moderator can demote a moderator to a user/member.

This applies only to Live and Community channels’. This does not apply to Conversation Channel.


You can check your permission in channel by sending AmityPermission enums to AmityCoreClient.hasPermission(amityPermission).

Supported ✅ (please wait while we prepare a real example!)

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