Target Selection Page

This page provides a list of feed that user can create a post on

The Target Selection Page is a crucial component designed to streamline the process of selecting the target audience or community for story and post sharing within the Amity UIKit 4.0. This feature allows users to specify where their story will be visible, whether it's a particular community, or to all followers, enhancing the user experience by providing control and flexibility over their content's visibility.




Story creation on community feed

When a user selects a community, UIKit will open Story Creation page with the selected community.

Post creation on community and my feed

When a user selects a community or my timeline, UIKit will open a Post, Poll or Livestream creation page with the selected target.


Config IDTypeDescription



You can customize theme



You can customize back_icon

For more details customization, please refer to Customization page.


Target Selection Page will navigate to other pages based on user's actions, you can override the behavior to navigate to your own pages.

For more details, please refer to Overriding Navigation Behavior page.

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