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Roles & Permissions

As of v1.8, UIKit offers you the possibility to manage roles and permissions via integration with SDK
UIKit offers you a ready-to-use integration solution with the SDK Role & Permission feature. There is a default Community level role named Moderator.
Add user
Moderator user can add new members to the community.
Remove user
Moderator user can remove members from the community.
Assign Moderator role to other users
Moderator user can assign Moderator role to another member in the same community
Remove Moderator role from a Moderator user
Moderator user can remove Moderator role from another Moderator in the same community
Edit community
Moderator user can rename community, change community type as he see fit
Close community
Moderator user can close the community
Moderator badge
the "Moderator" badge shown on the post indicates it was created by a moderator user
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