Query Global Feed

The SDK provides two ways for users to retrieve their global feed: the getGlobalFeed method and the getCustomPostRanking method. By providing these two distinct ways to retrieve the global feed, the SDK enables users to customize their content experience to better reflect their interests and preferences. This can help to foster a more dynamic and engaging community experience, promoting greater engagement and participation among users.

Conventional Global Feed Query

We provide a simple way to query posts on Global Feed using the getGlobalFeed method. When using this method, posts will be returned in chronological order by default, allowing users to quickly and easily view the most recent content.

Custom Post Ranking Query

Query custom post ranking is a smarter global feed that supports the score-sorting mechanism. The score-sorting mechanism ensures that the posts are presented in order of relevance, with the most engaging and relevant content at the top of the feed. Refer toCustom Post Ranking for more information about this feature. You can use getCustomRankingGlobalFeed to retrieve posts from this functionality.

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