Installing UIKit (deprecated)

Installing managed UIKit through Cocoapods, Carthage & SPM.

This section is about installing managed uikit through dependency manager. If you have already installed our Open Source UIKit, you can skip this section.

To provide greater customization options, we have open-sourced our UIKit and deprecated the pacakged UIKit version previously available. For the best quality and access to the latest features, we strongly recommend integrating our UIKit with the open-source version. For more details Please refer to iOS UIKit Installation Guide section.

Create a project

Go to Xcode and create a project for iOS.

  1. Enter a project name

  2. Select Swift as your language option

Using Dependency Manager

AmityUIKit supports installation via dependency managers, we highly recommend SwiftPM installation as best practice.

  • SwiftPM

  • Cocoapods

  • Carthage

SwiftPM Installation

To integrate AmityUIKit into your project via SwiftPM, please follow the instruction below.

Enter the repository URL to search the package, and choose to install AmityUIKit.

Carthage Installation

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks. To integrate the Amity Social UIKit. First, add the following to your Cartfile.

binary "" ~> 2.0

Now you can install Amity Social UIKit into your project by running the following command.

$ carthage update

Cocoapods Installation

If you are using CocoaPods to integrate Amity Social UIKit into your Xcode project. First, open a terminal and run this command to create Podfile.

$ pod init

Then, add the following lines to the Podfile

source ""
target 'SampleApp' do
  pod 'AmityUIKit'

Now you can install Amity Social UIKit into your project.

$ pod install

If problems happen during pod install step. Please try clean Cocoapods cache before running pod install again.

To clear cache please go to ~/Library/Caches/Cocoapods and remove all folders.

If this doesn't work, please do visit the Cocoapods Github repo for further resolutions.


After finished installing SDK. You will be able to import AmityUIKit.

import AmityUIKit

AmityUIKit already includes our SDK. Don’t install AmitySDK separately if you have already installed the UIKit.

From the version 3.x. please install the UIKit with the open source guideline here iOS UIKit Installation Guide

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