AI Content Moderation

Creating safer communities for all

At Amity, we leverage AI for automatic content moderation to ensure that you have a safe online environment. We offer two types of AI moderation:

  • Pre-Moderation: Content is automatically reviewed before it is posted. Our AI system scans the content upon upload, and generates a confidence value. If this confidence value is equal to, or higher than the configured threshold, the content will be blocked from being posted.

  • Post-Moderation: Post-moderation occurs after content has been posted. Our AI system considers two main factors, flagConfidence and blockConfidence. It scans the content posted and generates a confidence value. Based on this value, different actions are automatically taken - depending the configured threshold.

AI Pre-Moderation

Our AI pre-moderation feature is currently only available for image moderation. It ensures that all uploaded images are scanned for inappropriate, offensive, and undesirable content before it is published. Our AI system scans and detects undesirable content in images across 4 categories:

  • Nudity

  • Suggestive content

  • Violence

  • Disturbing

To enable image moderation, login to Amity Console. Under Settings > Image Moderation, toggle "Allow Image Moderation" to "Yes".

Once you've enabled image moderation, you will need to set the confidence level for each moderation category. In the context of content moderation, confidence levels represent the degree of certainty the AI system has in identifying specific content categories within an uploaded image. It is crucial to set confidence levels for each moderation category to fine-tune the system's sensitivity in a way that meets your moderation needs.

By default, confidence levels are set to "0" for each category. A confidence level of "0" implies a low threshold, making the system more likely to block images, potentially resulting in false positives, even if the content is not inappropriate. For more accurate and reliable results, it is recommended to set confidence levels at a higher threshold. A higher confidence value indicates a stronger certainty in the content classification.

When enabled, our AI system will scan images uploaded in posts, comments, and messages and return a confidence value. If this confidence value is equal to, or higher than the configured threshold, the content will be blocked from being posted. The undesirable image will need to be removed by the user in order for their post, comment, or message to be posted.

AI Post-Moderation

Our AI post-moderation feature goes beyond the basics, offering an enhanced moderation experience. It scans a wider range of content type across more moderation categories, and provides more flexibility in configuring actions to be taken based on flag and block confidence levels.

Our AI post-moderation feature supports moderating text, image, and video content within messages and posts, and text and image in comments.

We will be supporting AI livestream post-moderation soon!

AI Text Post-Moderation

Our AI text post-moderation feature detects and moderates text on posts, comments, and messages that are:

  • Sexually explicit or adult in certain situations

  • Sexually suggestive or mature in certain situations

  • Offensive in certain situations

AI Image & Video Post-Moderation

Our AI image and video post-moderation feature detects images and videos on posts and messages, and images in comments that contain imagery depicting:

  • Adult Toys

  • Air crash

  • Alcohol

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Bare-chested Male

  • Corpses

  • Drinking

  • Drug Paraphernalia

  • Drug Products

  • Drug Use

  • Drugs

  • Emaciated Bodies

  • Explicit Nudity

  • Explosions and blasts

  • Extremist

  • Female Swimwear Or Underwear

  • Gambling

  • Graphic Female Nudity

  • Graphic Male Nudity

  • Graphic Violence Or Gore

  • Hanging

  • Hate Symbols

  • Illustrated Explicit Nudity

  • Male Swimwear Or Underwear

  • Middle Finger

  • Nazi Party

  • Nudity

  • Partial Nudity

  • Physical Violence

  • Pills

  • Revealing Clothes

  • Rude Gestures

  • Self Injury

  • Sexual Activity

  • Sexual Situations

  • Smoking

  • Suggestive

  • Tobacco

  • Tobacco Products

  • Violence

  • Visually Disturbing

  • Weapon Violence

  • Weapons

  • White Supremacy

How It Works

Moderation is performed using two main factors - flagConfidence and blockConfidence. When a post, comment, or message is successfully created, our AI system will automatically scan both the text and media, generating a confidence value as a result. If this confidence value falls below flagConfidence, the post, comment, and message passes moderation. In cases where the confidence value falls between flagConfidence and blockConfidence, our moderation feature will flag the content for review.

You will be able to review the flagged content in Amity Console or listen to Amity's real-time flagged post, flagged comment, or flagged message event through your webhook on the server side - allowing you to implement appropriate actions to be taken based on your moderation policies. Finally, if the confidence value surpasses blockConfidence, the system deletes the content altogether, ensuring a responsive approach to maintaining a safe online environment.

As a default configuration, all categories have an initial flagConfidence value of 40, and an initial blockConfidencevalue of 80.

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