Create Post

Amity SDK provides developers with a powerful set of tools for creating a wide range of post types with support for a broad range of content formats, users can create highly dynamic and engaging posts that help to drive user engagement and increase retention, including:

We provide a method for creating each type of post. To create a post, you must first select the target type. The target type is either a user or a community.

  • User: If you wish to create a post on someone else's feed, provide their user ID as the targetId and set the target type to the user. If you want to create a post on your own feed, leave the target ID empty.

  • Community: To make a post on a specific community, set the target type to community and provide the community ID.

Each post can have up to 20,000 characters, and custom posts should not have JSON data that is larger than 100KB.

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