Edit Comment

Amity Social SDK provides a comment editing functionality that fosters accountability and user awareness within your application. This feature enables users to edit their own comments exclusively. Users can only edit their own comments, which encourages responsible interactions and maintains accountability. Upon completing an edit operation, the SDK updates the editedAt property to the current time, reflecting the changes made by the user. You can then leverage the updated editedAt timestamp to create a user interface that informs users of edited comments, fostering transparency.

For any editing operation - either update or delete a comment, you can use APIs from AmityCommentRepository.

Edit Comment with Image

Amity Social SDK extends its comment editing functionality to include images, allowing users to update their comments with images. This feature enables users to modify not only the text but also the images associated with their comments, providing a richer and more engaging experience for your app's audience.

Prior to editing images in comments, it is crucial to upload the images that will be included in the comment data to ensure that the necessary information is accessible and can be linked to the comment. This requires uploading the file first, to obtain the file data that will be used in creating the file post. To upload a file, please refer to Upload Images.

Upon successful completion of the file upload process, you can include the image data as a parameter when updating comments as demonstrated in the code sample below.

Refer to the following Limitations on the use of images in comments.

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