Let your users showcase their unique personality right in their timelines

Amity Social Cloud SDK provides a powerful Feed feature that allows users to stay informed, communicate, and express themselves through ranked posts. The Feed feature is comprised of a collection of posts, with three distinct types of feeds available to users: User Feed, Community Feed, and Global Feed.

  • User Feed: provides a collection of posts that are curated for a user's timeline. This feed is tailored to the individual user, providing relevant post that they generated.

  • Community Feed: on the other hand, is a collection of posts generated by members of a particular community. This feed allows users to stay connected and engaged with other members of their community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience.

  • Global Feed: aggregates both User and Community feeds, providing a comprehensive view of all relevant content in the user's network. This feed ensures that users can stay up-to-date with all the latest content and conversations in their network, promoting engagement and participation in the community.

By providing these three distinct types of feeds, the SDK enables users to customize their content experience, ensuring that they receive relevant and engaging content that reflects their interests and preferences. This feature can help to foster a vibrant and dynamic community, promoting engagement, communication, and collaboration among users.

Feed management methods are all contained in AmityFeedRepository class. For querying posts from User Feed and Community Feed, please refer to - Query Post.

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