Version 2.4.0 (2021-10-18)

New Features

    Livestream viewer UI
    Poll post
    Web UI revamp for the following pages:
      Explore communities
      Community profile
      User profile
      Edit community profile
      Post creation upload bar
      Comment compose bar


    Incorrect default cover photo shown in the community setting edit profile page after creating a new community.

Version 2.3.0 (2021-09-15)

New Features

    View videos in full screen when clicking from video gallery
    View images in full screen when clicking from image gallery
    Show filtered media types (including image, video, live streaming) from gallery tab in community and user feed
    Editing of published post in UIKIT even for communities with Review Post setting enabled


    No error message will show when post review is enabled when there is no internet connection

Version 2.2.0 (2021-08-31)

New Features


    Send follow request to other users with the Follow button
    View all follow requests
    Accept/decline follow requests
    Search for users using display name in the global search
    View list of followers as well as the list of users that you're following
    Remove users from the follower list
    View the number of followers for both your own profile and other user's profile
    Unfollow users
    You will not be able to view the feed content of users that you are not following
For more information about the Follow/Unfollow feature, click here.

Video post

    Show the video post in the feed (user / community / global)
    Navigate between videos in the video gallery view
    Click to play the video from the video gallery
    Ask for confirmation prior to navigating out of the composing page with content
    Disable the action buttons while uploading
    Adjust the existing uploading state of image and apply to video
    Entry point to pick video files when creating a post
For more information about the Video post feature, click here.


Post Review

    Modulator cannot delete post
    Can still show pending tab for user dismissed by moderator
    Creator/Moderator cannot delete other post
    No confirmation pop-up after posting

Social Feed

    Incorrect post count on user profile page


    Moderator Badge is not update after dismissing user from a moderator role
    Incorrect case for “ Communities" and "Accounts"


    Add Web UIKit license

Version 2.0.1 (2021-05-31)

New Features

    update SDK to 5.0.1

Version 2.0.0 (2021-05-25)

New Features

    allow to customize the visibility of Create Community button


    edit profile and navigation provider
    show the community creation error
    edit profile page behavior
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