React Native
Use our social SDK to enable social features such as Feeds, Groups, Profiles, Content Posts, and Social Media Type Interactions

React Native Framework

We now support React Native in building your application using our TypeScript SDK. You can use our Social natively to support your applications built using the React Native framework.

Getting Started

We will walk you through all the necessary dependencies for development using the framework.

Setting up your React Native project

The instructions in setting up your project are a bit different, depending on your development environment. Refer to this link to set up your project if you haven't done so already.


To install our Social SDK, refer to this link.


In order to support older JavaScript runtime, you will need to include a global polyfill for your bundled package.
First install core-js in your project.
npm install core-js
Then, import fromEntries in the root of your project.
import 'core-js/features/object/from-entries';

Where to go next

Now you’re ready to start integrating our social SDK into your application.

Using our Social SDK

You may check out our sample application here.
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