Install TypeScript SDK (Beta)
The Amity Social Cloud SDK for TypeScript is delivered as an npm module.


Add the SDK to your repository with this code:
npm install @amityco/ts-sdk --save
yarn add @amityco/ts-sdk
The build is a beta release, which may not be fully stable. Both SDK and documentation are subject to change.

React Native Framework

Use our TypeScript SDK natively to support your applications built using the React Native framework.
In order to support older JavaScript runtime, you need to include a global polyfill for your bundled package.
First, install core-js in your project.
npm install core-js
Then, import fromEntries in the root of your project.
import 'core-js/features/object/from-entries';

Where to go next

Now you’re ready to start integrating our SDK into your application.
You can check out our React Native sample application here.
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React Native Framework
Where to go next